Make android phone run faster in under 3 min

There are tons of tips and tricks to make android phone run faster on Google/YouTube.

I tried all of them and found out only 3 ways are most effective.

Simply follow below instruction if you want to speed up your phone.

These steps are based on Oreo which is the latest Android.
If you use older version then the steps might be different.

First. change animation speed.

>> Go to Settings.

>> Tab Developer options.

If developer option is not enabled, then follow extra steps.
Go to About phone -> Software information -> Taps more than 7 times on build number.

>> Change Animation scale to 0.5x on Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale

You can also choose animation off but personally prefer to have the animation effect.

How to change animation speed in Android

Second, Clean up cached data.

>> Go to Settings.

>> Tab Device maintenance -> Tab Optimize

Clear cached data frequently because they are accumulated very quickly.

How to clear cached data in Android

Last, Turn off notification.

>> Go to Settings -> Tab Apps

Choose the app you want to turn off the notification

>> Tab Notification -> Tab ON to turn off